Amanda Butler
Principal - Licensed Real Estate Agent P. 07 3326 0678 M. 0438 767 439

Amanda Butler has established a solid reputation for her highly personalised and committed approach to delivering quality outcomes. Her ability to connect clients with the right buyer or property is highly regarded.

Amanda has the right mix of knowledge and skills to effectively take any situation, assess the desired outcome quickly and work tirelessly to ensure that an effective solution is obtained. Whether it is matching her clients up with their dream property or maximising their return on investment, Amanda will remain focused on the right result with the clients’ interests firmly in mind.

Prior to her career in the real estate profession, Amanda worked with a number of multinational companies at a senior management level. In addition, Amanda has had an active involvement in various local community groups.

​Living in Ascot for the past 18 years, Amanda has bought, renovated, built and sold a number of properties in the area and hence is abreast of all planning requirements and the planning and approval process. Amanda utilises this knowledge to educate and inform her clients about the issues that impact them and provides workable solutions.

Amanda is married and has three children attending local schools. She is actively involved in numerous local organisations, ensuring she has a strong understanding of the needs and demands of the local community.

While Amanda excels in providing the very best service, advice and consultative support, she will also demonstrate a real commitment to you and your needs.

Amanda is your trusted property professional.

Paula Applin
Sales Manager P. 07 3326 0678 M. 0422 018 313

Paula commenced her real estate career over 18 years ago. Paula has extensive experience in managing the financial requirements of the business, as well as being heavily involved with all aspects of the Property Management and Sales Departments.

Paula has a Business degree and has completed her full Real Estate license. Her passion for property and people over the past 10 years has led her to focus her career on sales management.

It is easy to see Paula’s commitment to her work, through her enthusiasm, trustworthiness and warm demeanor and her ongoing dedication to the relationships she has built with her clients. Her dynamic and professional nature enables Paula to deliver the ultimate level of service to her clients in order to achieve the best possible results.

Debra Robinson
Property Manager P. 3326 0678 M. 0432 563 652

Debra (Deb) Robinson has switched to residential real estate following a career in law and is now establishing herself in the local real estate industry.

As a property manager for Butler+Co, Debra is warm and amendable in her rapport with tenants while at the same time being practical and commercial in terms of negotiating leases and managing expenses for owners. As a fifth generation property manager, Debra has grown up with real estate, so your portfolio is in safe hands.

Deb lives locally in Brisbane’s inner north, and as a long time parent and supporter of the local schools, such as Eagle State School and St Margaret’s AGS, Wagner Road and Bayview Kindergartens and local sporting associations, Debra is a well-respected member of the community and real estate industry.

Adrienne Batkin
Property Manager P. 3326 0678 M. 0432 563 652

Adrienne (Adie) Batkin has enjoyed the transition from her previous work in hospital based Paediatric Nursing to Real Estate and Property Management.

In 2017, Adie joined Butler+Co to conduct Routine and Entry/Exit Inspections. As the portfolio has grown, Adie’s roll has taken on many aspects of Property Management. Adie continues to inspect all our properties in the portfolio quarterly, conducting entry and exit inspections and arranging and following up on property maintenance, Adie also keeps up with ever changing legislative changes ensuring that Butler+CO Policies and Procedures are current so that the properties we manage, meet all the current safety and regulated requirements.

Adie is focused on providing comprehensive information through thoughtful communication in her reporting. Through regular inspections, organizing maintenance and following up closely with contractors, owners and tenants to ensure that properties under our management are well cared for and maintained.

Adie and her family have lived locally for over 10 years. Originally from Colorado, Adie has spent most of her adult life in New Zealand and Australia. A longtime homeowner with an eye for detail, Adie knows what to look out for during inspections, understanding the signs of potential maintenance issues which may need to be considered before they become costly emergencies.

Amy Homewood
Accounts Consultant P. 3326 0678 M. 0432 563 652

Amy Homewood has been part of the Butler+Co team since our doors opened.

Amy is responsible for managing all of the accounting needs of our office. Amy also takes care of Human Resources, IT management, and administration support to both our Sales and Property Management teams.

Amy’s prior experience includes a Bachelor of Accounting degree, 7 years working in accounting firms, and 5 years working in the real estate industry.