Amanda Butler
Principal - Licensed Real Estate Agent P. 07 3326 0678 M. 0438 767 439

Amanda Butler has established a solid reputation for her highly personalised and committed approach to delivering quality outcomes. Her ability to connect clients with the right buyer or property is highly regarded.

Amanda has the right mix of knowledge and skills to effectively take any situation, assess the desired outcome quickly and work tirelessly to ensure that an effective solution is obtained. Whether it is matching her clients up with their dream property or maximising their return on investment, Amanda will remain focused on the right result with the clients’ interests firmly in mind.

Prior to her career in the real estate profession, Amanda worked with a number of multinational companies at a senior management level. In addition, Amanda has had an active involvement in various local community groups.

​Living in Ascot for the past 18 years, Amanda has bought, renovated, built and sold a number of properties in the area and hence is abreast of all planning requirements and the planning and approval process. Amanda utilises this knowledge to educate and inform her clients about the issues that impact them and provides workable solutions.

Amanda is married and has three children attending local schools. She is actively involved in numerous local organisations, ensuring she has a strong understanding of the needs and demands of the local community.

While Amanda excels in providing the very best service, advice and consultative support, she will also demonstrate a real commitment to you and your needs.

Amanda is your trusted property professional.

Jennifer Grainger
Executive Leasing + Sales Consultant P. 3326 0678 M. 0434 843 622

I am executive leasing and sales agent. Some clients say the thing they appreciate the most is knowing I watch their back with their most significant asset while they live overseas, interstate or just down the road.

However, I say it’s just a simple care factor. I have after fifteen years have helped many clients rent or sell their residential home or investment property in many market conditions with success.

I give sound real estate advice to help clients make better real estate decisions. I work with Butler+Co because they have the same attitude, focus on the client’s goals, service and care factor that is hard to find.

When renting or selling we can help in four ways –
– Focus on your goals
– Market insights and positioning
– Strategic, effective marketing
– Personal service.

We’re a dedicated micro team whom all have your interest at heart with a greater sense of purpose. Our clients’ success is the very best that we can achieve in what we do.

Debra Robinson
Property Manager P. 3326 0678 M. 0432 563 652
Adrienne Batkin
Property Manager P. 3326 0678 M. 0432 563 652
Amy Homewood
Accounts Consultant P. 3326 0678 M. 0432 563 652