The time had come to realise the benefits of an investment property I had held in Macgregor for many years. Having worked with Amanda Butler during a previous home acquisition, I didn’t hesitate to ask her to take on the task of being my agent in this sale.

I have come to know and respect Amanda’s style greatly. She is unfailingly¬†honest, straight-forward and sincere and her professional advice is balanced, fair and accurate. Further, it was apparent to me once more that she had every bit as much interest in ensuring that all parties were well-informed as she did in ensuring a sale at the best possible price.

In a very short space of time, my investment property was sold for a considerable amount in a competitive market. I¬†was then further impressed by Amanda’s consistent, considerate and knowledgeable communication on every matter, all the way through to settlement and handover.

Amanda Butler is quite easily the most accomplished property agent I have encountered and I would unhesitatingly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Brisbane area.